Mass Times

WELCOME to all who are visiting our town and parishes.

MASS TIMES: Saturday Vigil & Sunday Mass times do not change (but note the Saturday Vigil is at 6.30pm during Summertime and 4pm during Wintertime). SCROLL DOWN for full schedule of Mass times for the current week.

HOLY DAYS: Vigil 7pm St Peter’s; Day 10.30am St Joseph’s; 7pm St Edward’s (4pm Winter time)

CLOCKS CHANGED on Sunday 28 October 2018. Masses have now come forward to 4pm for all Masses at St Edward’s durning Wintertime (Summertime will begin at next clock change on Sunday 31 March 2019).

MASS TIMES for Week commencing 4 November 2018
Saturday VigilSt Edward's4pm
SundaySt Peter's9:30am (Polish)
SundaySt Joseph's10am
SundaySt Peter's11:30am
SundaySt Peter's5pm
MondaySt Edward's
Tuesday St Joseph's9.30am
TuesdaySt Peter's6.30pm
WednesdaySt Peter's9:30am
ThursdaySt Joseph's9.30am
ThursdaySt Edward's4pm
Friday St Peter's9.30am
SaturdaySt Peter's 9.30am
Saturday St Edward's3.15 - 3.45pm
Sunday St Joseph's
9.15 - 9.45am
Saturday St Peter's 10 - 10.30am
TuesdaySt Joseph's8.30 - 9.30am
ThursdaySt Edward's4.30 - 5.30pm
SaturdaySt Peter's10 - 10.30am